Curriculum Vitae

(Updated 10 February 2017)

Name: Kati Mari Johanna Parppei
Nationality: Finnish
Date of birth: 19 March 1975
Gender: Female
Marital status: Married


  • Finnish (native)
English (fluent in speech, writing and reading)
  • Russian (proficient in reading, competent in speech and writing)
Swedish (competent in speech, writing and reading)
  • Karelian (competent in reading)
  • German (basic in speech, writing and reading)
  • Polish (basic in speech, writing and reading)
  • Latin (basic in reading)


• University of Eastern Finland 2002-2010. Doctor of Philosophy

. Major: general history, minors: cultural anthropology, journalism, documentary script writing. Doctoral thesis “Saints, Legends and Forgeries: the Formation of the Historiographical Image of Valaam Monastery”, grade laudatur.

• University of Joensuu (Finland) 1995-2002. Master of Arts. 

Major: general history, minors: cultural anthropology, future studies, also studies of Russian language and literature, overall grade excellent. Master’s thesis “Descriptions of Kulikovo Battle in the 16th Century Muscovite Historiography”, grade eximia cum laude.

• University of Northumbria (UK) 1999. 
Four months as an ERASMUS exchange student (history of ideas).

• University of Moscow (Russia) 1998. 
One month of Russian language practice.

• Pedagogical Institute of Petrozavodsk (Russia) 1994

. Three months of Russian language studies.

• Higher Secondary School 1991-1994. 

Secondary school graduate, overall grade excellent.


• University of Birmingham, CREES (Centre for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies) 9-12/2017 Visiting Academic.

• University of Eastern Finland, Department of Historical and Geographical Studies 1/2013- Docent (Adjunct Professor) in Russian history.

• University of Eastern Finland/Academy of Finland 9/2016-8/2021 Academy Research Fellow. Project ”Images and Attributes of Enemies in Pre-Revolutionary Russia”.

• University of Eastern Finland/Academy of Finland 9/2012-8/2015 Postdoctoral Researcher. Project ”Sabres and Swords. Representations of Medieval Battles in Russian National Historiography”.

• University of Cambridge 10/2012-5/2013 Visiting Fellow (later on Life Member) in Clare Hall. Visiting Scholar in the Department of Slavonic Studies.

• Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz 3/2010-4/2011 Research assistant of Professor Anneli Sarhimaa in the project ELDIA (European Language Diversity for All), case “Karelians in Finland”.

• University of Eastern Finland, Department of Historical and Geographical Studies 5/2010-4/2011 Project researcher in the project “People divided by a border. The development of the national identity, religion and language of Karelians from the 19th century to the present”, funded by Academy of Finland.

• University of Eastern Finland, Karelian Institute 1/2006-12/2009 Researcher trainee in the multidisciplinary “Russia in Europe Cross Border Post Graduate School”, funded by Ministry of Education of Finland.

• University of Eastern Finland, Open University 9/2003-6/2011 Distance teacher, courses ”Europe in the 17th Century” and “Antiquity and Middle Ages”.

• University of Eastern Finland, department of Historical and Geographical Studies and University of Helsinki (Aleksanteri Institute) 4/2008-5/2012  Lectures and other teaching duties on methodology and Russian history.

• Local newspapers (Kotiseutu-Uutiset, Lempäälän-Vesilahden Sanomat) 6/2000-9/2005, 5-8/2012, 9/2013- News editor and photographer on freelance base.

• Regional newspapers, magazines (Karjalainen, Aamulehti, Suomen Luonto) 5/2001- Freelance writer, articles on history, culture and nature.


Theme expert (history) in Cross-Border Citizen Scientists-project, Lappeenranta University of Technology, South Karelian Institute, 2012.


Young researcher award 2012, University of Eastern Finland. Presented in recognition of an outstanding doctoral dissertation.


Life member of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge.

Member of Finnish Historical Society – Suomen Historiallinen Seura since 2013.

Member of young doctors’ committee for Conferment Ceremony at Joensuu campus 2014.


Text editors (Windows/Linux), HTML, PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator.


Reading, writing, photography, icon painting, nature, hiking, climbing, horse riding, skiing, gardening, dogs, aquariums.


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